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B.C. Knights get first Chinese state deputy

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Interview with new state deputy Knight of BC and Yukon, Koon Ming Lau.

Koon Ming Lau talks growth, families, and culture of life
By Josh Tng

Photo Caption: When his term begins in July, Koon Ming Lau will become the first Chinese state deputy of the B.C. and Yukon Knights of Columbus. He sat down with The B.C. Catholic to talk about his involvement with the Knights and his hopes for the upcoming term. (Josh Tng)

The B.C. Catholic: What inspired you to become a Knight of Columbus?

Koon Ming Lau: It is an interesting story. In 2000, one of the Knights’ Field Agents presented a financial plan to protect families or support our parish. My father was interested in the latter, so he joined the Knights of Columbus. I was asked to translate for him in 2001, but I was not an active member at that time.

In 2006, my home parish St. Francis Xavier established a new Knights council. I had the chance to learn who the Knights of Columbus were and what their society meant to me. I was surprised at how much charity work the Knights did for the Church, the community, and the vulnerable, as well as helping the members and their families obtain economic security and stability. I transferred to the St. Francis Xavier Council as a chartered member and have been an active member since then.

BCC: You will be the first Chinese state deputy for B.C. and Yukon. Your predecessor, Arcie Lim, was the first Filipino deputy. How does it feel to be elected?

KML: I am glad to be the first state deputy of Chinese descent in our jurisdiction. Today our country, especially our province, is a multilingual and multicultural reality. It shows our order’s principles of Fraternity and Unity. We have Polish, French, Vietnamese, Spanish, Portuguese, and many other parishes with parishioners speaking in different tongues. I wish to see more leaders who can serve in different levels as a team.

After I was elected, I felt a ton of weight on my shoulders. I was glad that I had support from my brother Knights and the State team. In the past few years, I have learned a lot from the state deputies, state officers, and past state deputies. I spent a lot of effort and time in each position, but it is rewarding.

BCC: What do you hope to accomplish? Are there any specific areas you’d like to focus on?

KML: We have a lot of room to grow in our jurisdiction. Our founder, Venerable Father Michael J. McGivney, had a vision that every Catholic man in every parish would become a member of the Knights of Columbus so that more families, widows, and orphans can be assisted and protected. The councils can help strengthen their local parishes. We have to work with the priests to see how we can help to bring young parishioners back to the church. A new culture means new fields of evangelization.

We have a program called Building the Domestic Church, which is one concrete way that the Knights of Columbus can offer “holy and loving families” for the Church’s mission of evangelization. Each council is encouraged to work on the building of a domestic church project with their local parish. This family program can help the brother attain spiritual growth while they bring more families and young parishioners together. From evangelization, the parishes will be strengthened and continue to grow.

We want to see more Catholic men become better Catholics, better husbands, better fathers and better citizens. While the jurisdiction is growing, we continue the programs for the Church, community, council, family, youth, culture of life and country, based on the principles of our order: Charity, Unity, Fraternity and Patriotism.

Culture of Life is our other major program. We’ve had an ultrasound machine installed in one of the pro-life pregnancy care centres as part of our ultrasound initiative. It will save hundreds of unborn babies if the mother can see her baby through a “window on the womb.” I hope we can have more ultrasound machines to save even more life in the province. We will also continue to sponsor the March For Life in Victoria.


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