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Trevor Linden earns first star at St. Paul’s

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Grade 7 students present cheque for Canuck Charities
By Agnieszka Krawczynski

Photo Caption: Tevor Linden surprised students at St. Paul's Elementary to accept a donation of $500 to Canucks for Kids. Students raised the money by hosting a fairy-tale-themed fundraiser in May. (Agnieszka Krawczynsk / The B.C. Catholic)

Trevor Linden scored a victory for Vancouver Canuck charities and fans last week when he made a surprise visit to St. Paul’s Elementary.

“I’m so grateful Mr. Linden could come here today and make this day unforgettable,” said Grade 7 student Sophia. “It was so exciting! It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

The Canucks president arrived at the Richmond school June 12 to accept a $500 cheque for the Canucks For Kids Fund. Grade 7 students came up with the donation after hosting a fairy-tale-themed fundraiser at the school in May.

“We like what he supports,” said Sophia. “It’s for the children and it’s for a good cause.”

Grade 7 student Renai said her classmates put a lot of effort into the fundraiser and inviting Linden to the school, going so far as re-writing some Canuck parodies to perform at the June 12 assembly.

The students got up early several mornings to practise them. “We put a lot of hard work and dedication into it. I never actually thought he would be able to come here!” said Renai.

Linden received the cheque and thanked the Grade 7s for the effort they put into fundraising for the foundation.

“This is a pretty impressive group of young people who are graduating,” he said to cheers from students and an enthusiastic Canuck mascot Fin the Whale.

Canucks for Kids has raised over $50 million in the last 30 years, funding B.C. charities that support children’s health, education, and grassroots hockey teams.

“Thank you so much for making a difference in people’s lives,” Linden told the students.

Few jersey-clad fans at the assembly were as excited to meet Linden as Maureen Moorehead, the principal of St. Paul’s. Grade 7 teacher Mylene Espinoza managed to keep the special visitor a surprise from Moorehead until he appeared at the school gym.

Moorehead took the opportunity to turn the celebrity visit into a teaching moment for the students.

“The reason that Trevor Linden is my all-time-favourite Canuck is not because he is a most excellently skilled hockey player. That was not why he was one of the youngest captains ever named in the NHL, at the age of 21,” Moorehead said.

Linden earned that spot through his leadership, character, and teamwork, qualities she encouraged every St. Paul’s student to adopt in their own lives.

“Each of you here today, boys and girls, can be a Trevor Linden, or a Tracy Linden … in sportsmanship and teamwork when you’re here at school, in your classrooms, looking out for each other, thinking of the greater good.”

She encouraged staff to support students in taking on the good qualities of their heroes.


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