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Life in the Spirit Seminar transformed coordinator's life

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Local parish to host series of presentations
By Josh Tng

Photo caption: St. Mary's Parish, Vancouver, will host eight Life in the Spirit Seminar sessions from April 25 to June 13.

When two women prayed over Edna Abustan at a Life in the Spirit Seminar in 2011, they prophesied her life “would never be the same again.”

She says that was an understatement.

Afterward, the Holy Spirit “instilled in me the desire to serve him more through more volunteer work in (St. Mary’s) Parish,” said Abustan.

Not only that, but she became aware of God’s constant presence, which changed her life. “The Life in the Spirit Seminar truly pushed me out of my comfort zone and gave me a feeling of accomplishment in the little things I do for his glory.”

So much that Abustan now organizes the very Life in the Spirit Seminars that so profoundly affected her.

“The loving presence of the Holy Spirit is quite evident during the seminars,” which she calls “one of the best spiritual events” she has ever experienced.

Abustan is event coordinator for an upcoming series of seminars at St. Mary’s in Vancouver. Hosted by Mission Ablaze charismatic prayer group, the seminars take place every Tuesday from April 25 to June 13. Aimed at developing talents bestowed by the Holy Spirit in the sacraments of baptism and confirmation, the seminars also offer an opportunity to witness testimonies, celebrate with praise and worship, and socialize.

“Personally, I have gotten so much from my first Life in the Spirit Seminar,” Abustan said. “The Holy Spirit has planted the desire in (all Catholics) to have a deeper relationship with him,” she said.

The seminar offers that opportunity. “As soon as the person allows the Holy Spirit to enter into his heart, a change of heart is to be expected.”

Each session will be led by a different speaker, including St. Mary’s pastor Father Pierre Leblond, OP, and Vernon Robertson, founder of Catholic Evangelization Training Ministries.

For more information phone or email Abustan at 778-689-7775,


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