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New pro-life group to focus on education

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Life Compass Society invites its members to change the culture through personal example
By Josh Tng
Photo caption: Alissa Golob (left), Colleen Roy, Natalie Sonnen, and Heather Thompson answer questions during Life Compass Society's launch event at Coquitlam Alliance Church March 27.
The beauty of life is best taught with patience and joy, pro-life speaker Colleen Roy told the newly minted Life Compass Society at its Coquitlam launch.
Roy was guest speaker at the March 27 event to introduce the new organization, previously known as the Meadow Ridge Life Society.
About 90 people attended the Coquitlam Alliance Church event to hear Life Compass’s plan to offer education and celebrations of life throughout the Tri-Cities and the Lower Mainland.
In a society that often sees children as a burden rather than something to be celebrated, “Each of our children and each disabled, weak, and unwanted individual is an unrepeatable individual with limitless mystery,” Roy said. “Every time our little ones make our lives messy with their accidents, their stink, their weird tendencies, they are still unrepeatable mysterious miracles.”
Children “allow us to be face to face with the God who created us. What can be more beautiful than this?” said Roy.
Roy, who has six children, receives many questions about her family while taking them on errands. Many of those questions are uncomfortable or rude. “Total strangers question me, often asking things such as ‘How can you afford this?’ and ‘You don’t mean to have anymore (children)?’” she said.
She used to get annoyed at the intrusion of her privacy. “They had no right to ask me these questions or say these things to a stranger!”
For some time, she prepared answers to the most common questions. “But I eventually realized their questioning, their intrigue, and their confusion, are because they’re seeing something they don’t understand ... perhaps, by God, it’s something they’re looking for.”
These are perfect teaching opportunities, said Roy. “I can look at them and acknowledge my children’s beauty in a moment of torment. If they can see that in me and recognize something that is good and mysterious and beautiful, it will magnetize them.”
People are looking for evidence that children’s commotion “is the sound of joy,” said Roy. Responding with patience provides that evidence.
“They’re looking for evidence of beauty and truth that exists in that daily suffering of human life. When they see it in us – joy, acceptance of suffering, and beauty – they can only want to follow because that need is imprinted in their being.”
The best way to educate someone on pro-life issues is by connecting personally with them, agreed Carrie Davidson, the executive director of Signal Hill. “It all stems from relationships. When connecting to people you know, it’s important to let them know they are valued and valuable. This way, you can show them how important it is to value life.”
John Hof, the event’s emcee and president of United for Life B.C., invited attendees to “be a part of this great new revival of the pro-life movement.”
“I’m not saying we died, but we do need revival,” admitted Hof. “As we start this new effort for life issues in the Tri-Cities, by holding hands together as a group, this pooling of resources makes our efforts concentrated.”

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