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Young people getting an invitation to forgiveness

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Confession is 'part of who we are' says consultant for youth ministry
By Agnieszka Krawczynski

Photo: Young people participate in Freedom. The annual event is coming to the archdiocese again March 10, 2017. (BCC file photo)

Too few young people are stepping into the confessional these days, says someone who ought to know.

Erwin Fung, an archdiocesan consultant for parish youth ministry, said many young people only experience a focus on confession just before their First Communion.

“A lot of youth don’t make a regular practice of reconciliation.”

That’s why Fung and a team of other youth ministers are putting on Freedom, an annual event combining praise and worship, skits, adoration, and reconciliation.

“We want this event to be an opportunity for them to think or see that confession is okay. It is part of who we are,” Fung said.

Freedom, held in the Archdiocese of Vancouver every year since at least 2001, always comes around during Lent.

“It’s a logical time of year because it’s in preparation for Easter,” Fung said.

Young Catholics, mostly from Grades 8 through 12, from parishes across the Lower Mainland will gather for thought-provoking performances, engaging speakers, and the opportunity to participate in the sacrament of reconciliation.

No matter what level of piety students may be at, “everyone is welcome to receive this great sacrament. It doesn’t matter where they’re coming from,” Fung said.

This year’s speakers include Archbishop J. Michael Miller, CSB, Sister John Mary Sullivan, FSE, and Father Lucio Choi, all of whom will reflect on this year’s theme: From Brokenness Into Grace.

Fung said it’s a good opportunity to be inspired and meet other young Catholics.

“We need that healing, that reconciliation, with God.”

Freedom will be held at St. Patrick’s Parish in Vancouver March 10 at 7 p.m. More information is available at or the OYYAM – Youth and Young Adult Ministry Office – Archdiocese of Vancouver page on Facebook.

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