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Major fundraiser commences in Vancouver

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Construction takes place at St. Patrick's Parish during the Project Advance commencement Mass April 21. Project Advance supports many initiatives like this throughout the archdiocese. Photo by Nathan Rumohr / The B.C. Catholic.Project Advance offers opportunity to trust Christ, says Archbishop Miller
By Nathan Rumohr
The B.C. Catholic

Archbishop J. Michael Miller, CSB, hopes Lower Mainland Catholics will joyfully share their time, talent, and treasure during the 2012 Project Advance campaign.

"I am very grateful for your work and prayer," Archbishop Miller told Project Advance representatives gathered at the campaign's commencement Mass April 21 at St. Patrick's Church in Vancouver. "These elements, put together, are why Project Advance is so successful."

The archbishop used the miracle of the feeding of the 5,000 as an example of how the faithful should give their treasure. The Gospel according to St. John says Jesus fed a large crowd with a boy's humble offering of two barley loaves and two fish.

"Jesus brings from our poverty abundance and richness. The little boy had no idea what Jesus was going to do with his little allotment. This shows that our gifts are meant to be shared."

Archbishop Miller went on to quote Blessed John Paul II, who said faith increases when it is shared with others.

Instead of following Jesus's example of sharing themselves, people want to use Christ as a "supplier God," he said. "Similar temptations affect us. We want to use God for our own ends."

After feeding the 5,000 Jesus called His disciples to move on from their more primitive faith, based on miracles, to a faith based on trust in Christ.

Archbishop Miller said this is similar to the lives of the faithful, who must cope with a more mature faith from a more exciting, charged faith.

"We know the experience of faith if we know who we are. We experience times of doubt, crisis, and confusion, which is part of the journey. It means surrender, and giving up reliance upon self, and truly trusting in God."

This sacrifice often becomes a hindrance when someone gives up something significant to them for the sake of Christ. Archbishop Miller quoted Pope Benedict XVI's first homily, which stated people can fear being diminished and deprived of freedom when giving something up for Jesus.

The Pope went on to say this is untrue; by establishing a friendship with Christ a person will receive a hundredfold in return.

Archbishop Miller said Project Advance is an opportunity to trust Christ fully.

After Mass there was a lunch and video in St. Patrick's school gym. Those attending included Project Advance parish organizers and representatives of recipient organizations.

Project Advance campaign coordinator Maureen Heath told the crowd that children are great examples of how to give. She said this is often shown in school when a teacher tells the students that someone in the class has forgotten his lunch.

"That child is bombarded with the best lunches until his desk is overflowing."

More information about Project Advance can be found at

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