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40 Days for Life concludes campaign with Mass

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Group confident God heard their prayers
By Nathan Rumohr
The B.C. Catholic

For 40 days and 40 nights more than 1,300 people prayed outside the B.C. Women's and Children's Hospital to end abortion. Members of the Vancouver 40 Days for Life Campaign believe God heard those prayers for the unborn. They gathered for Mass April 13 at Holy Name of Jesus Parish to officially celebrate their success.

"We have to be confident that God hears our prayers," said Father Rodney Nootebos, spiritual director of the campaign. "What gives us this hope and confidence? Ultimately Jesus's resurrection."

Father Nootebos celebrated the Mass. He said there were other resurrections recorded in the Bible, such as Lazarus in the Gospel of John, but unlike Lazarus, Jesus didn't die again.

He said God's promise of eternal life gives hope to the faithful that He also hears prayers.

"Therefore we have confidence that God heard our prayers and saw us standing at the vigil outside the Women's Hospital. He hears us and loves us, and those babies and their mothers."

Father Nootebos said he hoped that through the campaign's prayers women considering an abortion will recognize the love God has for them.

"Through the hope that we have in Jesus's resurrection, let us never cease to pray for an end to abortion and a beginning of a 'Culture of life.'"

After the Mass, the campaign's organizers and guests gathered in the church basement.

Peter Lee, the campaign director, thanked everyone involved, and he screened a slideshow of the round-the-clock vigil. More than 20 parishes and 29 Catholic organizations had participated.

Lee said the campaign was a great success. He believed they won by pushing the abortion debate.

John Hof, Vancouver's 40 Days for Life media relations consultant, was moved when he viewed the slideshow. "Looking at those pictures, all you can say is 'Wow.'" He noted they reminded him of how many people came out and prayed to end the practice of abortion.

Vancouver 40 Days for Life ran during Lent as part of a worldwide campaign to end abortion. More than 400 cities took part. Organizers believe the campaign has saved over 5,000 babies.

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