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Canada needs an abortion law

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Most Canadians find lawless abortion unacceptable
By Mike Schouten
Special to The B.C. Catholic

Most people are aware that Canada is the only nation in the Western world without an abortion law. For those who don't believe it, it's true. Canada, along with China and North Korea, provides no legal protection for children in the womb.
When you think about it, it's ironic that our leaders repeatedly call out China and North Korea for their human rights violations, and yet, along with them, we are the only three countries in the world without any legal protection for the right to life of children in the womb.
We know that the majority of Canadians find this fact unacceptable, and more and more of us want something done about it. The gap between public opinion and public policy regarding abortion legislation is growing. While we still don't have an abortion law, we know that more than three-quarters of Canadians want some protection for children in the womb.
It's time Canada had federal abortion legislation, so a brand new initiative has been launched! The mission of is to promote, as much as possible, the single message that we need a law.
It is time for Canada to get in line with international standards and public opinion and enact abortion legislation. We are firmly committed to acknowledging the sanctity of the life of every human being, and we believe it is high time the public was mobilized to support MPs who want to take steps in this direction.
This campaign will promote legislative initiatives that limit abortion, with the long-term goal of a complete ban. It will do what it can to send a loud and clear message that all human life must be protected.
All life matters, and is the gathering place where all Canadians can come together with the intention of providing a loud and clear message that we need to do all we can to protect pre-born humans with federal abortion legislation.
Together we can bring about the change in attitude required. Together with the dedicated MPs who know Canada needs to do better than having no law, we will bring about the change needed in our land.
Please go to our website,, and spread the word.
Mike Schouten is the campaign director for
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