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'Could you not watch one hour with Me?'

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Conundrum on abortion debate caused by an intricate web of lies
By John Hof
Special to The B.C. Catholic

Those who deceive weave a tangled web. I think about the nature of deception often, whenever I observe the different elements of the pro-choice movement attempting to defend their stand for choice regarding abortion.
There can be no doubt in anyone's mind about what abortion is. A baby dies, a mother grieves, and the world weeps.
The conundrum appears as the debate occurs and the web of lies is woven ever more intricately. "We demand the right to choose abortion," is their rallying cry. "My body, my choice," echoes the refrain. The nation caves in to their demands.
The result: we have absolutely no laws protecting the unborn in Canada. None. All unborn children are now at risk of death at the whim of the mother. No rules, no exceptions. The deception is complete. Forty years of death.
But wait. The spider is spinning. The free world watches as Canada stands alone among western nations with no restrictions on abortion whatsoever for the full nine months of a pregnancy.
A question is raised. Why are so few baby girls being born? Silence from the feminist pro-choicers. The press runs the stories, but feminist pro-choicers maintain their silence. No voice is raised for the girl babies.
Who will stop those targeting our daughters? "Not us" reply the promoters of "choice." That would be giving in to those bigoted "right wing" fundamentalists.
They can't give back any ground: not on partial birth abortion, not on protection for women forced into abortion, and most certainly not on any discussion about the humanity of the unborn. "Choice" takes precedence over "life," even the life of unborn women.
But wait again! There is a hand up raised in defiance. "I believe in you," says the pro-life movement. "I will come to your aid. I will be your voice. I will help your mother cope. I will push back those laws that deprive you of your life."
Yes, the deception in Canada may be complete, but it can be reversed. Our freedom and our democracy offer us a chance. Our faith demands we make a "choice."
Will we be the warriors pointing out the lies and deception? Will we be emboldened with the Holy Spirit and find the courage to stand for life? Can we look ourselves in the mirror and say, "I did all I could?"
This becomes our challenge. This is now our problem.
In His final hours, Jesus asked His faithful disciples who fell asleep, "Could you not watch one hour with Me?" Let us ask ourselves a similar question.
In Canada, one in four babies dies before birth. In B.C., the government continues to hide the numbers of babies dying by abortion.
Will you stand with us at the March for Life? Will you join us in prayer at 40 Days for Life? Will you sign a petition calling for as much protection for the unborn as possible? Will you at least sign up for
If not you, who? If not now, when?
John Hof is the director of Campaign Life Coalition British Columbia.
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