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Eugenics principles slowly rise again in Europe

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By Kevin Fraser
Special to The B.C. Catholic
Flag of the European Union.Flag of the European Union.
I lived in the Netherlands in the 1970s. Back then, "Hitler" and "eugenics" were equated words, spat out like bad squid by the witnesses of World War II. Two such witnesses lived on the other side of our duplex home all through that madness.

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), remarkable for its binding influence over legal precedent in 47 European member states, is poised to begin working through a backlog of cases related to the vast modern holocaust of abortion. The way in which these cases relate to "Hitler" and "eugenics" should concern all who deem life sacred.

In the 21st century, as objective morality continues to be privatized, perhaps the most remarkable aspect of this is that the outcome of at least one of these cases could make eugenics as entrenched as human rights. The outcomes of ECHR cases in the coming months will reveal whether Europe succeeded in learning the lessons of Nuremberg.

Our forebears have allowed pivotal moments in history to suppress future generations. This has been done more recently by the 1968 omnibus bill in Canada and by the Roe vs Wade decision in the U.S. I wonder what happened to "never again?"

Der Fehrer never broke any German laws. He first made all the inhuman Nazi mayhem legal, then merely upheld the law of the fatherland.

It may happen that the ECHR, over the coming months, forces on Europeans as human rights the precise legal principles of eugenics which came from Margaret Sanger and were so praised by the Nazis, who then perfected them.

The number of deaths which could follow from this would make the estimated 15,000 abortions worldwide each day seem like just one grain of sand on the beach.

The Internet, the largest, most pervasive, persuasive, and convincing information transmission system in all of human history, has little to say about these upcoming ECHR cases because it thinks it has more relevant stories on which to expend its scant resources.

A European court may pass into law across Europe that some humans are not human, that they are life unworthy of life. They will become the new "useless eaters" who will be dealt with by what will by then be seen as "settled law."

Some will shriek at the horror, some will be silent.

Each decision for eugenics will fly in the face of all the sacrifices made by Allied troops in WWII. Did they choose the "wrong side of history"?

The news media will undoubtedly do the job of keeping the peace. Watch how many of the announcements are released right after close of business on Fridays! Hitler's PR man Goebbels might think silence was a big enough lie, if maintained indefinitely.

When we hear of the decisions in these ECHR cases we may be like those Allied troops who witnessed the horror of concentration camps.

Can we prevent the ECHR from imposing eugenics principles as a state-granted human right? If we are to have any effect, our efforts must happen immediately.

If we do nothing, then it takes no crystal ball to predict we will all find ourselves joining those long-suffering Allied vets "on the wrong side of history."

Kevin Fraser is Vancouver-area filmmaker. His website is


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