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Organ donors; Agree to disagree; More 'Dr. Mo'; Paved with good intentions; Pray for Justin Trudeau

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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR – June 22nd, 2015 issue

Organ donors
Re: the letter "Less emotionalism" in the June 1 issue:
I read this letter with some dismay.
I applaud the initiative of the CWL concerning organ donations as a positive response to the urging of the Church ever since organ transplants became possible a half-century ago.
To reflect the humanly balanced and truly Christian position of the Church, I request that The B.C. Catholic reprint the article I wrote on the subject 12 years ago.
Msgr. Bernard A. Rossi
Episcopal Vicar for Health Care
Archdiocese of Vancouver
Agree to disagree
Re: "God Delights in Using Chance as a Part of His Design," in the June 8 issue:
I just thought it was worth pointing out, in response to C.S. Morrissey's article that takes jabs at proponents of six-day creationism, that Catholics are not bound to believe in modern-day evolution theory.
In fact, the vast majority of Catholics who ever lived, including the apostles themselves, did not. The Catholic Church certainly does not teach as dogma that God used chance to create or govern the universe.
Jesus actually taught that God "sends the rain on the righteous and unrighteous," not that it rained today because of chance. I think articles like this do more to confuse the faithful than to bolster them in Catholic truth.
Thankfully, on this point, we are free as Catholics to disagree.
Jared White
Abbotsford, B.C.
More 'Dr. Mo'
The B.C. Catholic is fortunate to have insightful contributions from Professor Chris Morrissey, who, in my mind, by reminding us of the recent papal teachings on contemporary science, is putting into practice the following affirmation from the Second Vatican Council:
"If methodical investigation within every branch of learning is carried out in a genuinely scientific manner and in accord with moral norms, it never truly conflicts with faith, for earthly matters and the concerns of faith derive from the same God."
"We cannot but deplore certain habits of mind, which are sometimes found too among Christians, which do not sufficiently attend to the rightful independence of science and which, from the arguments and controversies they spark, lead many minds to conclude that faith and science are mutually opposed" (Gaudium et Spes, 36).
Mark Merlino
Powell River, B.C.
Paved with good intentions
It is timely of The B.C. Catholic to publish Mr. O'Mahony's letter saying, "Isn't it time for a public announcement by the CCCB that politicians who publicly support abortions should be denied Holy Communion."
Without such a publication, I, as an extraordinary minister of Holy Communion, would in charity and obedience refuse to give Communion to Mr. Trudeau or Mr. Mulcair or any other person who publicly declared that they denied Christ's teaching; undiplomatic as it may appear to be.
Why? Simply because to do so would place myself and the recipient on the road to hell.
Hugh Buckley
Pray for Justin Trudeau
I am writing in response to Rachelle Thingvold's letter in the May 18 issue regarding Justin Trudeau.
With regards to Mr. Justin Trudeau and his stand on the abortion issue, it is not a question of a secular society or even the laws of Canada. Mr. Trudeau has stated that no one who advocates a "pro-life" view can join the Liberal party.
This is blatantly undemocratic and against freedom of conscience and freedom of speech. Mr. Trudeau may be a "practising Catholic," but his stand on this issue is against the teachings of the Church.
There are far too many Catholics in the pews who do not follow or even believe the teachings of the Church, I think because we are so afraid of offending anyone. This is certainly not biblical, as the apostles and Jesus Himself offended many with what at the time was revolutionary teaching.
As followers of Christ, we must speak out against what is unjust in our society, and what is more unjust than kiling the unborn? The media and even our education system promote or endorse unchaste lifestyles, and have removed the idea that we must take responsibility for our actions. The demand for abortion largely stems from the consequences of these life styles.
We must pray for Mr. Trudeau and for all Catholics to seek courage from Our Lord to promote what is right and good in the public square.
Linda Harder
Abbotsford, B.C.

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