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Deeply touched; Hear my voice; Theological rumble

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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR  – June 8th, 2015 issue
Deeply touched
Re: the death of Archbishop Raymond Roussin, SM.
Archbishop Raymond Roussin has a special place in my heart.
My husband was diagnosed with post-traumatic-stress disorder and severe depression in 1996. For many years our family struggled to understand the illness.
Shortly after the late archbishop shared with the faithful about his depression, we participated in the Mass at Holy Rosary Cathedral. After the Mass, my husband told the archbishop that his public acceptance of the illness had helped him to see that he was not alone and that God had not abandoned him. He asked the archbishop for his blessing.
We were all touched by his genuine, tender, loving, and caring nature, like that of a father.
Our prayers are with his family during this time of grief.
(Mary) T. Oanh McDaniel
West Vancouver
Hear my voice
Re: Article from Julie VanSpall in the May 4 issue: "Parents face challenge of raising faith-filled adults."
Many parents and grandparents have experienced this or are experiencing it. Our example and our prayer, the faith formation we provide through text books and at our high schools, PREP, etc., seem to be insufficient, in today's world, to keep many of our teens attending Mass, where we grow in faith.
When we know the number of children receiving confirmation, multiply that by the number of teen years, and compare this to the number of teens at Sunday Mass, we come to a sad conclusion.
Where do we fail? What can we do better?
Perhaps the time has come for a mini synod focussing on our teens and what we can do better. Maybe we should get the teens together: those who practise, those who don't, and those who have joined other faith groups.
Let them speak out about our homilies, our chanting, our singing, our fellowship before and after Mass. Should we go back to a Low Mass and High Mass routine?
Should the age of confirmation be delayed?
Jesus often said, "Hear Me," and, "Listen to My voice." Many of us have listened all our lives, but now we have to get our teens to listen. Let's listen to them, learn how we can connect with them about our faith, and get them to keep Jesus in their lives.
Julie prays that she will not be childless in heaven. Many of us pray the same prayer.
Steve De Jong
Theological rumble
Re: Father Michael Chabarek's clarification of Catholic teaching on evolution in the May 18 issue: "Distinguishing belongs to the wise: creation versus evolution."
Thank you for bringing a correction to the polemical article from Prof. Morrissey, who claimed that evolution is a fact and is recognized as such by the Catholic Church.
In refuting those claims Father Michael Chabarek did a great service to the truth. The theory of evolution is a theory.
Gerlinde Elsbett
Powell River, B.C.

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