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Death penalty; #Yes2BCCatholic; #Begging2differ

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Letters to the Editor – May 25th issue
Death penalty
I'm not sure why the defence team, or the District Attorney, for that matter, would want to seek advice from Sister Helen Prejean on the suitability (or not) of the death penalty for the vicious, cowardly, and senseless murder of innocents in the Boston Marathon bombing of April 2013.
It seems to me that the growing separation of Church and state (especially under Obama) would preclude asking Catholic religious what should be public policy with regards to such moral matters as abortion, euthanasia, SSM, and capital punishment.
We are informed that Sister Prejean's attempts to outlaw the death penalty caused her to be portrayed in the Academy-Award-winning movie Dead Man Walking, which made her a cause celebre of importance to that cause.
Perhaps the good sister's efforts would be better spent fighting for the lives of the innocent under threat of abortion, or those at risk for euthanasia (the sick, elderly, or depressed).
Larry Bennett
Re: #No2BCCatholic in the May 18 issue:
I am glad Rachelle is a practising Catholic and pro-life. So we are a sister and brother in Christ, but I am confused about her defence of Trudeau's pro-abortion stand.
I cannot be a practising Catholic and pro abortion (cannot mix oil and water). God's commandments cannot be watered down to suit our desire or need. Abortion is killing preborn humans, period, and Catholics should be against it.
Regardless of the Canadian law, with God on our side we can change minds, hearts, and laws. We just have to pray, speak, and act our faith.
We know the NDP has a similar stand to the Liberals on abortion. I am now and at the time of the election not going to leave my faith at home. I will speak it and will vote it, and Mr. Trudeau knows that, from my letter to him in May 2014.
There should be no divisions between Catholics on this issue as long as we give it the "Jesus Test": what would you want me to do, Lord? I wish the silent majority would speak more and vote on important moral issues such as this.
Joe Malakieh
Re: #No2BCCatholic May 18, 2015
Ms. Rachelle Thingvold of Chilliwack seems a little confused by the #No2Trudeau campaign. I beg to differ with her. Catholics can certainly unite on the issue of abortion. In fact it is the one issue that does bring us all together. Catholics are pro-life.
Mr. Trudeau has publicly stated that it is his official policy to exclude any pro-life person from seeking office in his Liberal Party of Canada. He has further stated that should any pro-life legislation ever make it to the floor of the House of Commons, he would demand that every single Liberal MP vote against that legislation.
Ms. Thingvold believes The B.C. Catholic is attempting "to disgrace Mr. Trudeau" for upholding Canada's abortion laws. In truth Mr. Trudeau is doing his very best to disgrace himself and needs no help from The B.C. Catholic.
He has thrown all Canada's pre-born children under the bus and offered them no protection whatsoever from any Liberal government he aspires to lead into office. This is hardly the kind of policy or politician any Catholic in conscience could support.
Now Ms. Thingvold states that she too is "a practising Catholic and pro-life." For that I am grateful. She will know in her heart that a vote for a Trudeau Liberal candidate in the next federal election can only be a vote for someone who supports abortion on demand for the full nine months of pregnancy with no restrictions whatsoever.
She would do well to ask all of the candidates in her riding where they stand on this most important issue. Then she can vote with a clear conscience. By the way, she won't be voting for Mr. Trudeau; he lives in Montreal and she lives in Chilliwack.
John Hof
Langley, B.C.

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