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Answer to poverty; Handling ISIS

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Reporter's note: No letters published in the April 20th, 2015 issue.
Letters to the Editor – April 27th, 2015 issue
Answer to poverty
Recently a group of well meaning people decided to write a letter to Pope Francis inviting him to come to Vancouver to view our poverty in the east end and also to see the needs of our native people (Vancouver Sun newspaper).
This group consisted of people of different faiths and educations who felt that the Pope's presence here would benefit us all. They felt that the Pope in our midst would change the hearts of the rich and powerful and the money would flow in, no doubt.
They suggested we put the Pope on a barge in English Bay. They felt that the people in canoes and those on the shore would flow in, as well as the dollars, and change the hearts of the well and wealthy.
Have we not already tried this?
A great man stood in a boat and spoke to thousands on the shore. He had the answer to the world's troubles and He spoke in a way we could all understand. He spoke with love and passion. He spoke so often that He made the people uneasy.
We have had the answer (to our troubles) for 2000 years.
Kay Edwards
Handling ISIS
Why am I not surprised to read the letter to our federal government by the Canadian Council of Churches? This, we are assured, includes the similar thoughts of our very own Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops.
I suppose it would be because I was around over the years when the same group released an absolutely shocking statement on matters of birth control, etc., which took its name from the capital of Manitoba.
I am not being heretical, because the aforementioned groups are not suggesting that they are speaking the Word of God here, or even that they are inspired by the Paraclete (nor to be sure, am I), but neither are they speaking for the average Christian in Canada.
St. Augustine, it seems to me, gave an excellent Christian opinion on the justifiability of war.
On recent threats by ISIS to invade and destroy Rome (which we believe to mean the Seat of Christianity situated there), we are called to remember St. Jerome's comment on hearing of the sacking of Rome in AD 412 by the Visigoth King Alaric: "The whole world perished in one city."
The only reason there was little destruction is that Alaric was a Christian convert who spared Christian buildings in Rome. The Muslim terrorists connected to ISIS have no such qualms, and judging from the destruction of their own religious and traditional structures, we should not doubt for a minute that they would behead our apostle.
In short, they should be handled very roughly: all immigration to Canada should be denied them unless they swear allegiance to our form of government, our Queen, and our way of life, and on the understanding that only Christian precedents on matters of matrimony etc. will be tolerated.
Larry Bennett

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