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Hateful attack; Old Catholics

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Letters to the Editor – April 6th, 2015 issue
Hateful attack
Re: Letter to Editor, "Blasphemous & Arrogant," in the March 2 issue:
Two letters published in the BCC reacted to the atheist Stephen Fry's derogatory and hateful attack on our God on British TV.
I too think Fry's articulation is not beautiful, but I am more concerned that his statements against our God are poison cleverly disguised as "humanist" high ground.
No matter how outraged we are we should not ignore the serious anti-Christian impact of his theatrics, and we should not avoid talking of them. I think it is important that The B.C. Catholic keep us informed about unpopular and serious happenings and issues that deeply affect our faith and our relations with others.
Carefully formulated and factual information, even if it is rough and challenging, forces us to improve our sophistication in speaking to others about our faith and truth. Soft generalities do not help when we defend and argue Catholic positions and teachings. We cannot afford to live in a cocoon.
As an example, the fight against the recent Ontario proposal of a new curriculum on sexuality for young children could not be fought on generalities such as "the proposal is inappropriate or indecent," or, "you would be appalled if you knew what's proposed."
Our argumentation must be factual and logical. We all need to know and understand at least the main points of the proposed curriculum which the dictatorial and morally deficient social engineers propose in order to mould our children into their utopian "enlightened jellyfish morality."
Some 45 years ago, a friend, a soft communist, told me that he admired Catholic priests and their strong argumentation. He attributed this to their very thorough knowledge of Marxism and communism, which was far better than that of many communists.
Working under difficult conditions and having knowledge of their adversary made the priests stronger in defence of our God and faith.
Anton Gazdik
Old Catholics
Re: Monsignor Pedro Lopez-Gallo's column in the March 23 issue:
The correct name for our church is the "Old Catholic Church," not the "Old Church" as Msgr. Lopez-Gallo wrote. Maybe it was an involuntary omission.
Pope Francis received the Old Catholic Bishops' Conference at the Vatican on Oct. 30. True ecumenism is always respectful of other Christian bodies' names. Also regarding (his note that we are) "not a very large group": St. Augustine said: "One soul saved is worth a diocese!"
Bishop J. Gerard A. LaPlante
The Old Catholic Church of B.C.

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