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Thou shalt not kill; Souls in heaven; Our daily bread

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Letters to the Editor – March 30th, 2015 issue
Thou shalt not kill
Re: euthanasia and the culture of death:
The Supreme Court has overruled its own previous decision, the Charter of Human Rights, the laws of Parliament, and the revealed truth of God almighty, "Thou shalt not kill."
This is the time for Parliament to make it clear that the people of Canada can not accept such an arbitrary and devastating decision. In spite of the majority decision of Parliament on "same sex-marriage" the Supreme Court overruled them.
All previous governments have been afraid to challenge the Supreme Court. It has been a matter of power and popularity versus truth, and politics is all about power and popularity.
But in this issue, where one person will be permitted to kill another, there are no bounds to the possibilities for abuse of the privilege. It will lead to the destruction of our democratic culture and that of other nations, who will follow suit because they respect us and our culture.
Be not afraid to challenge this ruling.
"Thou shalt not kill" is the natural law that every citizen recognizes when presented with the choice. Parliament needs to use the notwithstanding clause to oppose the Supreme Court and maintain the current law.
Hugh Buckley
Souls in heaven
Re: "Pax Sinica," in the Jan. 26 issue:
Father Anthony Ho writes, "The souls in heaven are already enjoying perfect happiness (even though they desire to regain the gift of their body.)"
I find such a statement to be quite quaint, and very fanciful.
I find the words of the Blessed Virgin Mary to be far more comforting and reasonable, and to be true.
Gerard Lizee
Our daily bread
On Sunday, Feb. 15, a "Solidarity Calendar" from the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace for the "Share Lent 2015" campaign was inserted in the Sunday bulletin.
For March 17, the Feast of St. Patrick (of all days), this was recommended: "Put $1.00 in your Solidarity Jar each time you throw food away today." From this recommendation I gather that it is common to throw out food many times a day for most of us.
Please let me point out that this is a sin. It can happen that food gets spoiled and is thrown out, but it should never be a habit.
We must begin to appreciate our plentiful food supply and value it, if we have forgotten that we ask our Father in heaven daily "to give us our daily bread." It is a sin to throw it out!
One does not thank God for this wealth by throwing out food and putting money in the "Solidarity Jar"; that is schizophrenic!
D. (Trudy) Hombrebueno

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