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Bill C-36; Anti-terrorism act

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Reporter's note: No letters published in the March 16th issue.
Letters to the Editor – March 23rd issue
Bill C-36
Re: Sister Nancy Brown's letter in the March 2 issue:
Sister Brown absolutely praises Bill C-36 on prostitution, and then assures us that it is the duty of provincial legislatures, police, and the courts to enforce what is now to be the law of the land.
That is all well and good, except that we previously had a law which was thrown out by the august Supreme Court because it violated the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
This would be the same court that made abortion on demand up to and including the point of birth legal, the one that allowed marriage between same-sex couples, and most recently, the one that allowed the killing of ailing or elderly or depressed persons in certain (questionable) situations.
One of the most frequently quoted Bible messages is Jn 8:7, wherein Christ says to those who would stone the woman found in adultery (prostitution) that he who is without sin may cast the first stone.
They seldom or never quote, from the same chapter, verse 11, Christ's command to
the woman: go, and sin no more!
Larry Bennett
Anti-terrorism act
Re: "Anti-terrorism act pressed ahead," in the March 2 issue:
Former CSIS chief of strategic planning David Harris is quoted: "'s a great shame that neither our government or the Opposition has undertaken the drastic and necessary reductions in number of people allowed to immigrate to Canada."
I would ask Mr. Harris where the connection between immigration and terrorism is. Is he not familiar with the term "homegrown terrorist?"
Renee Bernard

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