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Voice compassion; Souls don't die; Catholicism 101

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Letters to the Editor – March 9th, 2015 issue
Voice compassion
Re: "Arrogance ill-placed in assisted-suicide debate" in the Feb. 23 issue:
I commend Jenna McDonald on her astute insights about how not to respond to the Supreme Court of Canada's decision on assisted suicide.
However I don't think we are quite yet at the stage where all we can do is pick up our crosses.
The co-founders of Catholic Voices in the United Kingdom have worked out a new apologetics by means of which we can still dialogue with those who have some openness on this issue (perhaps 60 per cent of our family members, friends, and co-workers?) and actually shed light rather than generate heat in a conversation.
As critics of the Supreme Court's profoundly injurious decision, the CV strategy is first of all to acknowledge the positive motivation behind it: compassion for those who are suffering, and appreciation for our God-given gift of freedom to choose.
That immediately generates a little openness, into which space we can then propose a better solution to the problem, first of all by expanding the frame of the discussion to include the fallacies of the pain and the free-choice arguments as well as the need for more palliative care.
Finally we need to have a few short "key messages" on the tip of our tongue, so that, in the short time we are being listened to, we can state our position clearly and succinctly.
Any parish or group within the archdiocese that is interested in Catholic Voices' very well-received presentation on how to speak on the assisted suicide issue is invited to contact us at
Peter Nation
Catholic Voices Canada
Souls don't die
Re: assisted suicide
There is an explanation missing concerning why we should not kill ourselves or any other human being and why God forbids it. The reason is that the soul of a human being does not die. One can kill the body of a human being, but the soul remains, and we do not know in which state: heaven, hell, purgatory, limbo.
In the case of assisted suicide there is a grave danger that the soul of those committing suicide and those assisting will go to hell, unless the crime is repented of.
Gerlinde Elsbett
Powell River, B.C.
Catholicism 101
Years of reading The B.C. Catholic have helped me tremendously in understanding my Catholicism. They have also helped me to relate better to social and human issues in their religious context.
Anton Gazdik

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