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Slaves No More; Blasphemous & Arrogant

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Reporter's note: No letters were published in the Feb. 23rd, 2015 issue.
Letters to the Editor – March 2nd, 2015 issue
Slaves No More
Re: Mr. Larry Bennett's letter in the Feb. 2 issue:
On Dec. 6, 2014, the Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act, Bill C-36, became law in Canada. In the preamble to the law, Parliament states that prostitution is inherently exploitive, disproportionately affecting women and children.
Parliament recognized the objectification and commodification of those prostituted, and thus deemed it necessary to invoke criminal law to prohibit the purchase of sexual services and to protect the dignity and rights of those exploited.
Is it not the role of the provincial premiers, the judicial system, and police forces to enforce the law of the land?
For most prostituted persons, there is no choice, as they are lured into this exploitation through deception, lies, and false promises at a very young age. Predators target the most vulnerable of our society: persons living in poverty with a history of violence, neglect, rejection, and child sexual abuse.
I would encourage all to read Pope Francis's Message for the World Day of Peace, Jan. 1: Slaves No More, but Brothers and Sisters.
Sister Nancy Brown, SC
Blasphemous & Arrogant
Re: Fraser Field's letter regarding Stephen Fry's rant against God in the Feb. 16 issue:
There is nothing beautiful about the articulations of Stephen Fry!
It is simply the blasphemous and arrogant claim of a man who considers himself better and wiser than God. It should not even have been printed within a letter in a Catholic newspaper.
Gerlinde Elsbett
Powell River, B.C.

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