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Good vs. extremist; Bill C-36; Not funny

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Letters to the Editor – Feb. 2nd, 2015 issue
Good vs. extremist
Re: "Book on Islam faces criticism," in the Jan. 5 issue:
John Esposito has commented that the attribution of increased tension, discrimination, conflict, and violence towards Christians in some parts of the Muslim world to Islam rather than to some Muslims and Muslim groups is "simplistic and reductionist."
This has some merit, but the term "Muslim extremist" is meant to distinguish good Muslims from bad. Every day that good Muslims do absolutely nothing about the atrocities being committed in their name, the line between good Muslim and bad Muslim becomes even more blurred.
Ed Pereira
Bill C-36
I would have thought it impossible that anyone, let alone an ex-Member of Parliament from Manitoba, could ever have me agreeing with Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne on anything. It seems to me that Bill C-36 wants us to believe that women, all women, are incapable of sin, any sin, ever!
It is my understanding, as a Catholic, that there are at least two variables which concern sin: free will and purpose. Are we really to believe that these women are unaware of their culpability in selling their bodies to men for money?
Larry Bennett
Not funny
Re: The Charlie Hebdo attack
While I find words hopelessly inadequate to express my outrage at and condemnation of the massacre in Paris, I am also deeply offended by the perverted sense of humour demonstrated by the cartoonists.
Free speech and freedom of the press is the bedrock of democracy, but it comes with responsibility. That freedom does not mean ignoring the religious beliefs of other people by knowingly, deliberately, and repeatedly mocking religious figures.
I, a Catholic, am deeply offended by the long and disgusting record of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, whose cartoonists have gone beyond the mere lampooning of religious figures.
Leslie Michael
Maple Ridge

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