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Right editorial; wrong editorial

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Letters to the Editor – Jan. 26th, 2015 edition
Right editorial
Shortly after the attack on the Charlie Hebdo office in Paris a friend asked me tongue-in-cheek, "Tony, why don't you wear a 'Je suis Charlie' (I am Charlie) T-shirt?"
I replied, "Because I think this magazine behaved arrogantly, and has no right to mock sacred beliefs. Still, I feel sorry for the lost lives."
A few days later I changed my mind after receiving more information about Charlie Hebdo. I admit this may not be very Christian, but I now have no sympathy with Hebdo, and I understand the anger of Muslims.
I received a translated copy of another cartoon published by Hebdo. I forwarded this copy to The B.C. Catholic, but I know this filth cannot be reproduced. Suffice to say it depicts under the heading "Homosexual Wedding" the Holy Trinity: absolute filth and blasphemy!
As I progressed through the Jan. 19 issue of The B.C. Catholic, I hit Mr. Jordan's article. He rightly highlights the opportunistic and self-serving use of "freedom of speech/expression" in our society.
I believe the political leadership of today wants to have "freedom of expression" on its own terms. Look at the mass hysteria that produced the "freedom of speech" march in Paris.
Western world leaders exploited the Hebdo tragedy for political purposes. This reminded me that all of them represent the modern world of secularism and atheism, despite the claim of some to be religious.
It does not surprise me, then, that under these leaders the people of the world of today are more and more divided and mired in the misery of fear-mongering, hatred, and perpetual wars. The world leaders have archived the moral compass that the major religions represent.
Anton Gazdik
Wrong editorial
Re: "The truth about post-natal abortion, Xmas," in the Dec. 15 issue:
I had always enjoyed The B.C. Catholic's pre-Christmas issue, the cover art as well as the articles within.
This year, however, I was somewhat surprised by the article by Mr. Jordan. Not exactly what I would expect by the editor of the paper in the issue before the joyous occasion of Christ's birth.
All the readers of this paper, I am sure, realize the evil of abortion, no matter how far along the pregnancy may be. To be sure, support of pro-life issues is paramount for Christians, regardless of denomination.
But we need to know, and let others know, that the Catholic Church stands for so much more.
The B.C. Catholic should be careful lest it becomes a one-issue publication. The feature article by the paper's editor sets the tone for the paper.
I do not believe we should always hit people over the head with the same issue, least of all the converted.
Could Mr. Jordan not have focused his writings on the anticipation of Advent and the joy of Christmas?
Father Robert Barron, one of today's most charismatic spokesmen for the Catholic Church, said that to attract people to baseball, we shouldn't belabour them with the rules and regulations of the game, but with the beauty of the game.
Similarly we do not attract people to the Catholic Church by doctrines and rules, no matter how important they may be. Father Barron's landmark "Catholicism" series is a prime example of how we can attract people to the Church by its art, music, and the beauty and logic of our faith.
Patrick May

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