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Falun wrong; Joyal's attack

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Letters to the Editor  – Jan. 19th issue
Falun wrong
Re: Mrs. Resela Wong-Sing's letter in the Jan. 12 issue:
In the eyes of the Chinese government, a cult is any organization that does not agree with the atheistic ideology of the dictatorship.
That said, regardless of whether Falun Gong is indeed a cult, I do not think that the Chinese government is "doing the right thing" when Falun Gong members are systematically persecuted, arrested and detained without trial, sent to prison camps, tortured, and used as sources of organ harvesting for profit.
We need only think of Nazi concentration camps, where captives were "selected" for horrific medical experimentation. No one, whatever his or her belief, should be subjected to such treatment.
Patrick May
Joyal's attack
Re: Saint John Paul II Day
Thanks to Deborah Gyapong for her report on the approval of John Paul II Day, but there is more to the story, as reported by
The vote in the Senate was 44-26. One of those opposing was Liberal senator Serge Joyal. His comments against the Church are very disturbing. He said women in the Catholic Church were not allowed to have any responsibility on the altar, ordination, or upper level management positions, etc.
To me, it is very personal issue; my sister has been a nun for over 50 years, serving 1,200 of God's children in a school and an orphanage. Two-thirds of the children are Muslims.
That is what Christ wants us to do; I believe Jesus has given my sister a "top level," important position in the Church. My sister is no different from all other nuns who serve Christ.
Liberal Senator Joyal just does not understand what Christ and Christianity is all about. Senator Joyal's attack was very extensive, touching on "same-sex marriage," homosexual behaviour, and the teachings of Christ.
Lastly, thanks to Conservative MP Wladyslaw Lizon for his much appreciated effort. May God bless him.
Joe Malakieh

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