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Lest We Forget; Critical of We Day; Synod Synopsis

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Letters to the Editor – Nov. 17th issue
Lest we forget
As Canadians what do we really remember? Take the expression "Lest we forget," that we often use and hear to honour those soldiers that went to war for Canada.
Did you know that the phrase has little to do with not forgetting the wars or those who died? The words are taken from a poem written by Rudyard Kipling for Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee in 1897. The actual title of the poem is "Recessional."
The poem is in fact a prayer. Its contents are a warning of what can happen to any nation, army, or people when they forget the sacrifice of Christ and embrace a secular world of pride and glory.
The poem is a call to the reader and the England of the time that a nation can come to an end if it boasts only about its own accomplishments and forgets God.
Human beings are finite, but only God is eternal. This is what we and our children ought to remember this Remembrance Day.
Has our secular culture blinded us to this truth? Do our politicians and today's students know the full meaning of "Lest we forget?"
We hope teachers will bring this truth into their classrooms, and that parents will teach it to their children. Our politicians should bring our Christian past to the attention of Canadians.
Lou Iacobelli
Critical of We Day
Re: J-Lo embodies all that is wrong with We Day in the Nov. 10 issue.
I just wanted to thank you for your sound article on what's "wrong with We Day." You were very objective in your assessment and asked some critical questions for Catholics: what is right, what's good for our children, what is influencing them and what are we giving our support to?
We tend to accept whatever is in our culture without thinking critically. We are what we do, we are what we watch, and we are what we support.
If we know more about Jennifer Lopez than Jesus, it's no wonder our children will be more like her and less like Jesus. Bravo!
Father Justin Huang
Synod synopsis
Re: Recent stories printed on the synod.
It has dawned on me, after reading a few B.C. Catholic op-ed pieces which referred to the recent synod coverage by the mainstream media as being incorrect, that The B.C. Catholic has not provided a full synopsis of the synod, which would presumably be more accurate.
The best I can find about the debate that went on is the caption under a photo with the article entitled "Church Pauses to Consider Family."
Renee Bernard
Editor's Note: All the stories can be found on, as well as other stories with greater reaction and analysis.
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