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Synod on Family; Silence

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Letters to the Editor – Nov. 10th, 2014 issue
Synod on Family
The recent synod has raised many questions in the minds of Catholics. Some of what emanated from its deliberations was scary, to say the least.
The Church was founded by Jesus Christ. The teachings of the Church cannot be changed by anyone, not even the Pope, so how can anyone propose that a divorced person who remarries be allowed to receive Communion after a period of penance while still living in adultery according to God's law?
Jesus said if a married man looks at another woman in lust he commits adultery. He also said say no if you mean no and yes if you mean yes. God's word must be taken literally and cannot be interpreted otherwise to suit our whims.
It is interesting that an ex-episcopal minister sent an e-mail to Raymond Arroyo on the EWTN show "The World Over" regarding the synod.
He said he had left the Episcopal Church and converted to Catholicism because the Catholic Church stands for truth, and he asked if the synod was trying to abandon Catholic tradition and become episcopal. Father Gerry Murray answered, "I hope not; good question."
Furthermore, there is no need for all this hype about homosexuality. The Church says that everyone must live a chaste life, whether heterosexual, homosexual, married, or single, and anyone who does not follow God's law of chastity commits sin.
It could not be more straightforward than that.
The Church is not against homosexuals or divorced Catholics, it is against sin and immorality. Live a chaste life, and no matter what your sexual orientation, or if you are in a failed marriage, you are welcome in the Church.
God loves us all and we are all children of God. He knows our difficulties and He is ever ready to forgive.
Hats off to the African cardinals and to Cardinal Burke and his team!
Doris Joseph
I totally agree that there should be more silence after Communion and less distraction.
This is a time for mental communication with Jesus.
Furthermore we need one Mass every weekend with no chanting, only a few hymns, and a short homily. More teens and young adults will hang in.
When we were teens we had a low and high Mass every week. Let's go back to that.
We can only do better with keeping our teens practising and attending Mass regularly.
Steve De Jong

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