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Trudeau’s $650M for international abortions ‘horrifies’ pro-lifers

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Prolifers outraged by Trudeau’s commitment of $650 million for overseas abortion
By Deborah Gyapong
Photo caption: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau greets a young Syrian refugee. (CNS photo / Mark Blinch, Reuters)
Pro-life groups are outraged at the Liberal government’s promise to “invest” $650 million to help provide abortion in the developing world.
To mark International Women’s Day, Prime Minister Trudeau announced Canada would invest the money over a period of three years on “sexual and reproductive health programs.”
“With these new funds, Canada is doubling its current investment to help close existing gaps in reproductive rights and health care for women,” the prime minister said. “Far too many women and girls around the world see these rights violated.”
Campaign Life Coalition, the political arm of the pro-life movement,  said the ‘investment’ while Canada remains debt-ridden is unjustifiable and accused Canada of “pushing ‘sexual and reproductive health rights,’ an umbrella term for abortion on demand, radical sexual education programs, and mass sterilization, on the developing world.”
Johanne Brownrigg, public affairs officer for Campaign Life Coalition, said “We are horrified by our government’s decision to spend more than half a billion dollars on spreading abortion across the world.”
Under the Trudeau government Canada has become “one of the world’s top exporters of abortion and sterilization,” she said.
Matthew Wojciechowski, a CLC spokesperson, said the government’s “misplaced priorities” suggest Trudeau is trying to secure a seat on the UN security council “on the backs of aborted children and vulnerable women in impoverished regions.”
Wojciechowski also criticized the lack of response from the opposition Conservatives.  “The silence from the Conservative Party leadership is just as sickening” as the government’s decision. “I urge the official opposition to speak out against this, on both ethical and fiscal grounds. This is a complete abuse of Canadian tax-dollars.” spokesman Mike Schouten called the Liberal government’s move “appalling” and “deeply concerning to both fiscal and social conservatives.”
Trudeau’s announcement comes less than a week after International Development Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau announced $20 million for women’s sexual and reproductive rights while participating in the She Decides conference in Brussels.
 At that conference 40 countries committed to filling the gap left by the United States after President Donald Trump reinstated the Mexico City policy banning federal funds for overseas abortion. That money had been divided among the biggest abortion providers in the world, including International Planned Parenthood.
 “Why are we committing millions of taxpayer dollars that we don't even have, so that organizations such as International Planned Parenthood can continue to masquerade abortion as ‘women’s health care’” in third-world countries?” Schouten asked, also calling on the 14 candidates in the Conservative leadership race to respond.
Schouten said former Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Muskoka Initiative provided funding for maternal, newborn, and child health, and could not be used for abortions in third-world countries. The former government’s position “could have been carried out to appease the social conservative base ... it was also based on good health-care policy.”
Schouten said women in third-world countries “are in desperate need of medicine, clean water, and maternal care, so that they can care for themselves and their newborn children. These essentials, which we take for granted, are needed so they can give their families the best possible future.”
Campaign Life Coalition and are calling on supporters to contact their MPs to protest spending large amounts on abortion in the developing world.



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