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This article is for the actual creation of the advertisement and includes information such as allowed file types, minimum resolution, and other pertinent details.

 If B.C. Catholic is designing your ad - this is what we need from you:

  1. All text as it is to appear in the advertisement.
  2. Fonts are limited to those we have instock and are licensed. If you have a particular font you want used, then please supply the font with the appropriate license.
  3. Photographs must be of high resolution - 300 ppi/dpi minimum. Do not send an image or photo from a website.
  4. While we are very experienced graphic designers, we are also producing from 5-25 (in some cases even higher) ads per week and do not have the time available to research your particular ad.
  5. Logos must be in a vector format - this means it should have a WMF, EMF, EPS, AI file extension. If it does not have this extention, we cannot guarantee the clarity of the logo in the advertisement.


If you're a graphic designer, here are the specifications for you:

Camera-Ready Files

  • Ads must be created utilizing standard graphic design software - Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, or Photoshop is best. Microsoft Office products are not design programs and are not able to be utilized. Period. No discussion here. If you're using Microsoft Office, please refer to the section above.
  • Photographs must be in the highest resolution and size possible - 300 ppi/dpi is the absolute minimum, 600 ppi/dpi is preferred. Please attach these separately - just in case there are any issues and we need to switch it out.
  • All fonts must be converted to outline.
  • No white space, cut, registration marks, or other bits - the file should contain the ad and be ready to "drop-in."
  • File format should be Photoshop PDF (not just regular PDF) and in Grayscale for black and white, or CMYK for colour.
  • File will be converted using US SWOP 2, please keep in mine dot grain will be between 20%-30%
  • Exact sizing must be utilized (see chart below).

Newspaper Hints and Tips

Colour Boosting - use the maximum settings possible for any colour advertisement. The greyish tone of the newsprint will always "dull" the colours.

Sizes - Sizes are based on the column width and gutters. Utilize the sizing chart and/or templates above for exact measurements. If we need to adjust the ad, it may not be proportional - but will be adjusted to fit in the ad space purchased.

Contrast - Adjust the contrast so the "black is 100% black" but ensure that you can clearly see the definition in the image. Too dark and it will be a big black blob, too light and you'll miss much of the detail. You may need to do some spot dodging and burning for best results. More links and resources for this can be found in the Advertising Resources area.

Best colours - The colours that really pull the eye and come out best in newsprint is a mid-royal blue and a ruby red. If you can utilize these colours somewhere in the ad will stand-out more. 

Information for All

All advertisements MUST be approved by the Advertising Manager. Inappropriate ads submitted will not be published and this is determined at the Advertising Manager's and Editor's discretion. Please refer to General Guidelines for more information.






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